About ME

Miriam is an independent facilitator, trainer and consultant with a strong background and experience of working in Education both nationally and internationally that includes teaching, lecturing and training roles at Primary, Post-primary, Further Education and Training, and Higher Education (Teacher Education) levels. Miriam has also held senior management roles in Curriculum Development, Professional Development and Education Support Services.

As an experienced teacher, facilitator and trainer Miriam supports and facilitates groups and stakeholder consultations in areas where consensus/commitment is needed.

As a lead trainer for the ICA UK, Miriam offers facilitation and training in the ToP Group Facilitation Methods; Focused Conversation Method and Consensus Workshop Method.

Miriam o Donoghue

Miriam also designs and delivers professional development programmes and workshops for groups and networks and can provide workshop inputs at conferences, induction programmes, staff events etc.  

Miriam is a certified and experienced LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator and a Trainer of LEGO® based methods and approaches

e.g. SIX BRICKS and PLAY BOX and a Tony Buzan licensed Mind Mapping instructor and a Trainer of ZOOMERGISERS, an online energiser programme. 

Online training and facilitation is also available.


+353 87 6949094