Active Teaching and Learning
workshops &  courses For Teachers

Bespoke active teaching and learning workshops for teachers that focus on experiencing innovative and engaging approaches to teaching and learning. (Facilitated online and face to face)

Workshops and courses focus on exploring theories and experiencing approaches to teaching and learning while using a range of tools, resources, methods, games and processes to support areas such as playful learning, student motivation and engagement, creative and critical thinking, team building, reflection, feedback, questioning, assessment and more…

The range of activities and tools that Miriam can share is wide ranging with many having been developed or adapted through Miriam’s own practice. Pre consultation is essential to ensure the correct focus for each bespoke workshop. All sessions are hands-on with participants actively involved in experiencing the methods, tools etc.

Workshops can be designed for educators at Post-Primary, Further Education and Training and Higher Education (Teacher Education) levels.

Some CPD Examples...

CPD Theme: fun and creative introductions 

This workshop explores some tools, activities and approaches that can be used to help student groups introduce themselves and get to know each other better in a fun, interactive progressive and non cringy way! This is a great session for teachers early in the academic year but can also be used over time to help student gain more awareness and understanding of each other.

Workshop participants will experience a string of different activities so that they can select those that will work best for them for later implementation.

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CPD Theme: Creative Reflection Toolkit

There is no one way when it comes to reflection and many students find the process challenging. This workshop explores some creative reflection models and activities that can help students engage with the reflective process.

We will try out some of the approaches and explore the value and benefits of creative reflection methods.

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CPD Theme: Creative Restrospective Tools

‘Looking back so the view going forward is clearer’

This workshop is inspired by SCRUM principles. Scrum describes a set of activities, tools, and roles that work together to help to structure and manage team work.  

Participants in this fun and engaging workshop will partake in group activities and practice applying a range of tools and techniques that can be taken easily into the classroom to support areas such as looking back at a piece of work with the purpose of evaluating it and seeing what learning can be taken forward and applied in the future

There are many possible applications for the tools and activities some of which include supporting assignment and project work.

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Reframing is a staged examination of a topic on a single sheet of paper to encourage critical and creative thinking around a subject / topic. This hands-on approach helps students and staff to visually map and capture ideas and is based on the work of Julia Reeve

Reframing can be used to develop ideas for projects, reports and presentations and is a useful tool when starting to explore ideas, research a topic, find relevant key words etc.

This workshop is hands-on and will take participants through the process of selecting and using a reframing tool and exploring possible uses and applications.

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