Facilitation training courses & facilitation services

Facilitation services available for groups in need of a trained and experienced facilitator or facilitation training courses and workshops to build capacity of individuals and organisations. (Online and face to face)

ICA UK describes facilitation as a ... 'set of skills to be used in working with a group, enabling and supporting them to achieve their objectives in a way that involves and respects all contributions, builds ownership and releases the potential of the group and its members. It helps differentiate between process and content'.

Facilitation Services:

As an ICA UK lead trainer for group facilitation methods (Focused Conversation Method and Consensus Workshop Method) Miriam works with groups who need the services of a trained and experienced facilitator.  


Facilitation Training:

To build the capacity of individuals and organisations, facilitation training courses are available for those seeking to develop their own facilitation skills and train in the use of powerful techniques such as the ICA group facilitation methods for structuring effective group conversations and finding group consensus. 

A two day in-house group facilitation methods course is available for small groups of approximately 8-12 participants.