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LEGO® themed courses & workshops

Bricks with Miriam provides a range of LEGO® themed workshops and courses for educators across all levels. New workshops are always in development and some are available online. The workshops are designed so that participants can use and adapt the activities to suit their own groups.

A range of online and face to face courses and workshops are available.

See some examples below. 

SIX BRICKS CERTIFIED Training - Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Currently all online)

Miriam brought the SIX BRICKS Programme to Ireland in 2019 having spent time in South Africa studying with Care for Education where the SIX BRICKS programme was developed in Partnership with the Lego Foundation. Miriam was the very first SIX BRICKS trainer in Ireland and has been accredited by Care for Education with lead trainer status. 

Miriam has been promoting SIX BRICKS in primary schools since 2019  and with the support of the Education Centres, has trained, in live sessions,  thousands of teachers, SNAS and other professionals to use SIX BRICKS. Miriam is a highly qualified and respected Education Consultant, Teacher, Trainer and Facilitator and has worked for more than 40+ years in the Education Sector.  Miriam's love and belief in SIX BRICKS is evident in the passion, knowledge and experience she brings to her training sessions.

Miriam provides certified levels 1, 2 ,3 and 4 training (Care for Education Levels) in using a set of six LEGO® DUPLO® bricks to create activities that are short, simple exercises designed to wake up the brain and get a child moving, thinking and remembering. The activities are not intended to be a curriculum, but they do support all areas of development in the curriculum. Miriam also runs thematic workshops e.g. Winter and Christmas with Six Bricks

Every child has a set of six bricks, one of each colour (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Light blue and Dark blue). The teacher or professional can then quickly and easily facilitate an activity at any time. Repetition brings about better organization of the brain and the secret of the success of these activities lies in their regular repetition which enables children to consolidate new knowledge. Six Bricks activities are in development all the time and there are now thousands of activities supporting different areas of development/skills.

A range of SIX BRICKS taster sessions and courses are available for different groups e.g. Primary School Teachers, Early Childhood Care and Education staff and Parents.  
Miriam also provides whole school training for staff groups (e.g. as part of Croke Park hours)  and training for specialist groups or networks etc.

Email for latest information pack on courses or check the courses and workshops section of this website for the current list of SIX BRICKS Courses on offer

SIX BRICKS Level 1 - 2 Certificate Courses

Course Information Pack available

Contact me if you would like an information pack emailed to you :

Six Bricks is a playful learning programme that can be used to support different areas of development e.g. crossing the mid-line, bilateral integration, inhibitory control, working memory, depth perception, eye teaming and so much more...every child just needs six DUPLO bricks. There are more than 1000 activities/resources available.  This incredible programme developed by Care for Education in partnership with the LEGO Foundation  is being used across Kindergarten, Primary School at all levels, in Special Education settings, care homes and more...its so versatile and can be scaled with complexity added or removed to suit your group.

SIX BRICKS Certificate Levels 3 & 4

Next step 

For anyone who has already completed Levels 1 & 2

Levels 3 & 4 

In Level 3 and 4 we:

·Build on SIX BRICKS activities covered in Levels 1 & 2
·Practice new SIX BRICKS activities across a range of developmental / skills areas
·Use a practice and design lab approach to co-creating/designing, testing and sharing SIX BRICKS activities that support specific areas of the curriculum
·Practice the SIX BRICKS Move and Learn (Moving around) and B Line MATS using some of the basic movements before proceeding to creative and advanced ways to use these MATS and other New SIX BRICKS Mats

Course Includes Advanced Mat Work

Other Lego® based course available:

Using LEGO® to explore Stories & Poems
Using LEGO® creatively in the classroom Using LEGO® creatively in the classroom to support connecting with stories and poetry, and using the imagination to unpack, analyse and enhance stories and poetry while building with the LEGO® bricks.
Suitable for Primary School Teachers, Early Childhood Care and Education Staff and Parents.

Building with LEGO®: Supporting Creative, Social and Language (descriptive) Skills
Building with bricks can help children to creatively develop social skills and language and descriptive skills either in one to one or classroom settings.
This is especially important for children who struggle to verbalise or describe their world.
Suitable for Primary School Teachers.

What’s the Quack? - Building with LEGO® to support team building, creativity, critical thinking and memory
Guiding and facilitating participants through a range of powerful activities can help to engage the brain into thinking with the hands and develop skills such as memory, decision making, problem solving, lateral thinking, executive functioning, team building, communication, and more…
Suitable for educators across all levels – Primary, Post-Primary, Further Education and Training and Higher Education.

A programme developed by Care for Education, that provides certified training in using LEGO® DUPLO® bricks and elements to provide engaging and challenging play-based learning activities designed to support the development of younger children. A range of PLAY BOX courses available for different groups e.g. Primary School Teachers, Early Childhood Care and Education staff and parents.

Christmas LEGO® based activities

This is a great workshop for staff who like to have fun and be a bit playful; while at the same time it provides an opportunity for participants to be reflective and focus on what went well during the year, what they are grateful for, and what they appreciate in each other. The workshop finishes with a Kris Kindle that’s very different from the usual one!
Suitable for educators across all levels e.g. Primary, Post Primary, FET and HE. Available as an online workshop.

Using LEGO® to explore Well-being
A LEGO® based workshop designed to provide a space for thinking and reflection based on building activities and tasks set around well-being themes.
Suitable for educators across all levels e.g. Primary, Post-Primary, Further Education and Training and Higher Education. It is also suitable for Early Childhood Care and Education groups, Parent groups and any other groups that love LEGO® and are interested in Well-being themes.